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Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training

Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. і. Пирогова

About University


Educational activity at National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsia is conducted at 6 Faculties, possessing the right of training foreign citizens, including: Faculty of Medicine № 1 (speciality – “General Medicine”); Faculty of Medicine № 2 (specialities – “Paediatrics”, “Medical Psychology”), Faculty of Dentistry (speciality – “Dentistry”); Faculty of Pharmacy (specialities – “Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy”); Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens; Faculty of Postgraduate training in 53 specialties.

 Programs Available

Undergraduate training (available in Ukrainian)

  Faculty Degree awarded Semesters Years
1. General Medicine Physician (Master) 12 5 years 10 months
2. Medical Psychology Psychologist (Master) 12 5 years 10 months
3. Pediatrics Pediatrician (Master) 12 5 years 10 months
4. Dentistry Dentist (Master) 10 4 years 10 months
5. Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy Pharmacist (Master) 10 5 years


Undergraduate training (available in English)

  Faculty Degree awarded Semesters Years
1. General Medicine Physician (Master) 12 5 years 10 months
2. Dentistry Dentist (Master) 10 4 years 10 months
3. Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy Pharmacist (Master) 10 5 years

 Post-graduate training

# Faculty Degree awarded Duration
1. Advanced training course Up to 1 year
2. Specialized training in Medicine (clinical ordinatura) 2-5 years
3. Post-graduate studies M.D., Ph.D. degrees 3-5 years


The teaching stuff includes 1058 lecturers, among them 129 Doctors of Medical Science, 94 professors, 689 candidates of science (PhD), 411 associated professors, who work at 60 departments.

The facilities of the University include 3 academic buildings, 5 hostels, 4 canteens, 7 buffets, a sports complex, students’ polyclinics situated in one campus in the centre of the city.

The students have practical medical classes in University Clinic and 46 hospitals and 15 pharmacies of the city.

Head of the University

– Acting Rector: professor Petrushenko Voctoria Viktorivna


Vinnytsia National Medical University was created in 1921 as Vinnitsa State Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1930 it was turned into Vinnytsya Affiliation of All-Ukrainian Institute of of Medical Eeducation, in 1934 – its name was Vinnytsya Medical Institute. In 1960 the establishment was awarded the name of Mykola Pirogov – worldwide famous anatomist and military surgeon. In 2002, taking into account nation-wide and international recognition of results of its activity, VSMI was awarded National University status by Decree of the President of Ukraine. 

International  Cooperation

The University staff actively collaborates with other international higher educational institutions in 67 international educational and scientific programs. The University has agreements on cooperation with the following foreign educational establishments:

      –     Münster University – Germany;

      –     Limozh University – France;

      –     Central European Academy Studies and Certification (CEASC) – Bydgoszcz, Poland;

     –      Warsaw University – Poland;

      –     Birmingham University – USA;

      –     Vanderbilt University – USA;

      –     Rome University – Italy;

      –     Open Educational Centre Athena – Belgium and others.

The University got Sparkman fund grand for realization of combined investigations in medicine. In 2019 the University signed the memorandum of joint research in oncology with Regional Oncologic Clinic (Ukraine) and WMBIO Corp. (S.Korea). The University regularly participates in the international educational exhibitions and scientific congresses in different countries. These events contribute to the integration of the University to the European and world system of higher education.

The University is enlisted in world databases for recognized educational establishments:

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Licenses and Accreditations 

222 Medicine NAQA certificate

221 Dentistry NAQA certificate

226 Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy certificate


More information about VNMU you can see here:

Translation of General License

Translation of Supplement page 1

Translation of Supplement page 2

Translation of Accreditation for Medicine

Translation Accreditation for Dentistry

Translation Accreditation for Pharmacy/Clin.Pharmacy






Academic Process at VNMU

Syllabus for 222 “Medicine”

Syllabus for 221 “Dentistry”

Syllabus 226 “Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy”

Curriculum for Medical Faculty specialty “Medicine”

Curriculum for Dentistry Faculty specialty “Dentistry”

Curriculum for Pharmaceutical Faculty specialty “Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy”

Project of Educational Professional Program “222 Medicine”








Pages of University History


Milestones of the University Development

1921 – Pharmaceutical institute was opened (it functioned till 1936).

1934 – Vinnytsya medical institute was founded on the basis of the Evening Industrial medical institute. The first intake of students was conducted for Preventive Medicine and Paediatric Departments.

1960 – the institute was given the name of N.I. Pirogovby the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Body of USSR.

1978 – the institute carried out the enrolment of the foreign citizens for training at the main faculties.

1979 – Preparatory faculty for foreign citizens was opened.

1984 – for success in training doctors and teaching staff, rendering assistance to practical public health services the institute was awarded the order “ Badge of Honour “.

1994 – the institute was accredited on IV (highest) level, the University status was awarded (Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 408, dated 15.06.94).

1997, 2000 – for the high rating the university was awarded with the special diploma by the independent experts of International Personnel Academy.

2002 – by the President’s of Ukraine decree dated June, 19 2002, № 560/2002 our University was awarded the highest mark of distinction – National status and is called Vinnytsia National Pirogov Memorial Medical University.

2004 – International links department for recruitment of international students was organized at the University.

2007 – according to the official rating of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, wich was carried out in March, 2007, National Pirogov Memorial Medical University is in the 3rd place in the list of Ukrainian universities.

2012 – number of foreign students reached 1500 persons.

2020 – total number of international students – 2759.

Letter of Appreciation from Ghana Students

Letter of Appreciation from Nigerian Students Association

Letter of Appreciation from Palestine Students

Appreciation from EMSA

Certificate of Honor from Namibian Students Association 1

Certificate of Honor from Namibian Students Association 2

Certificate about Educational Fair

Certificate about Indian Educational Fair 1

Certificate about Indian Educational Fair 2

Graduates about University