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Information for parents

Dear Parents!

Now You can follow the progress of Your student through VNMU Electronic Journal!

You should know the user ID and the password from Your student.

At present the EJ is awailable only in Ukrainian. English version is coming soon. 

How to use the EJ You can read in the Manual (electronic-journal-manual)


 International Information About The University.

 The University is enlisted in most world databases for recognized educational establishments:

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  2. https://search.wdoms.org/home/SchoolDetail/F0001563
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  5. https://www.mciindia.org/CMS/information-desk/for-students-to-study-in-abroad




In Vinnitsya National Pirogov Memrial University there is an opportunity to get medical education studing in English, but experts believe that students should definitely finish the Preparatory Faculty.

Why do foreign students need to study at the Preparatory Faculty?

Without knowledge of the Ukrainian language there is no opportunity to communicate in everyday life, in the store, at the doctor’s – everywhere you should be able to speak Ukrainian.

Starting from the second year of studying, each year students have  training periods in hospitals of Vinnytsya city. Their patients are  Ukrainians, the majority of them do not speak English. Student’s knowledge of the Ukrainian language is a necessary condition for communication with the patients in hospitals.

 Why do foreign students need to learn particularly at the Preparatory Faculty?

Preparatory Faculty is a unique, specialized  faculty that helps foreign students to adapt quickly to everyday life, to learn their rights and duties. 

Students come for studying with different levels of knowledge of the theoretical subjects, their skills sometimes are not suitable for the educational requirements in Ukraine. The Preparatory Faculty improves students’ knowledge of Natural Sciences that they have acquired at school, and prepares them for further successful studying.

After graduating from the Preparatory Faculty students usually are able to study in Ukrainian groups.This gives them the chance to cooperate with all University teachers and doctors.

Why is it better to study in international groups?

You will learn a language quickly. Practice shows that foreign students study better in international groups, they study and have rest together, it  helps them understand different cultures better and to adapt to the real life quicker. It is a good opportunity for them to make friends for the whole life.

Living Expenses

Living Expenses

Cost of the student’s travel ticket for all types of transport – US $ 10-20 per month.

Lunch, dinner or supper in university canteens – US $ 3-7

Average prices per 1 kg,  US $

Meat, fish, milk, eggs.water   Vegetables winter/summer Fruits winter/summer  Groats